Fight against COVID-19

Appreciation letter from Mumbai Police to Yashlok for DisinfectantsAs India fights back the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) pandemic, disinfection and sanitization is among the biggest concerns for the authorities.

Many workers, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, pilots, railway workers and Safai Kamgar (Cleaning workers), are braving grave odds every day. India, pinning its hope of containing the outbreak on social distancing and a complete lockdown of major cities and towns. And the success is down to the efforts of unknown but selfless workers.

While doctors are fighting the battle inside hospitals, it’s the police who have to enforce the lockdown outside. Police personnel are in the front-line to combat Covid-19 and are still going out every day to win a war India can’t afford to lose.

Amidst these trying times, it is necessary that the police officials carry out their duty in sanitized conditions to keep the virus at bay. Police officers are on the frontline 24×7 to provide service to the public and those struck by the coronavirus while trying to stay virus-free themselves. As the officers operate selflessly without worrying about their safety, disinfection remains one of the much-needed step in shielding them amid the pandemic.

Doing its bit to help the police officials, Yashlok Welfare Foundation facilitated free of cost disinfectants to the Mumbai Police Department whose personnel are fighting day and night against the deadly virus. The disinfectants were provided with the help of donation and support from D K Flag Foundation ā€“ Mumbai.

The efforts put in by everyone to mitigate the effects of this pandemic are highly appreciated and Yashlok Welfare Foundation will always continue its efforts to help the ones doing their best to help others.

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