About Us

Yashlok Welfare Foundation is an NGO (Non Government Organisation)  registered under section 8 of Companies Act, 2013 created exclusively for undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities directly covered under  Section VII of CSR Act.

Yashlok Welfare Foundation was created in 2017 and is dedicated to alleviating social inequalities that plague society today. We believe that empowering the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society by providing education and employment is the most powerful way to remedy existing inequities.

We strive to mobilize our resources in such a way so as to make positive and effective changes in our society. We inspire our communities and make them take responsibility towards inclusion of all for a better tomorrow. We identify community issues and recognize the potential to intervene and help our work to scale. We seek to forge partnerships with those who facilitate best practices. We influence local government agencies, other NGOs, our partners, stakeholders and community leaders to exchange knowledge and work together.

Yashlok Welfare Foundation is a platform, where the underprivileged, marginalized and vulnerable attain their basic rights to survival, protection, development, inclusion and participation.

To work towards overall development of human race

To promote & encourage the upliftment of women, children, differently abled, jobless and the generally destitute population by facilitating their education, training or employment in any activities including but not limited to the manufacture of FMCG products, garments, textiles and books. To donate or facilitate the distribution of, food, clothing, books and other materials or create infrastructure such as borewells or sanitation facilities or increase awareness of critical issues such as violence against women or global warming for children, senior citizens and other needy members of society, for charitable purposes and not for profits.

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