Transforming lives through digital education:
Radhika and Kanchana are 10 year old girls arguing over whether to leave the volume on during their science period or not while their Lakshmi teacher looks on. Sounds  like a regular day in  one of the multitude of modern schools in urban India, doesn’t it?  This is what a typical day will look like in Zilla Parishad School in Zilla Parishad School, Kokanipada, Village Alondhey, District Palghar of  Maharashtra from I – IV Standards. Since they have started using an e-learning software that places them on the information highway that all privileged children in India take for granted today.
India houses one fifth of the world’s population today and it is the youngest nation on Earth. This population can be a boon or bane for the country depending on how educated and consequently productive, this resource is. While India’s urban areas have adequate access to education, the bulk of our population that lives in India’s vast rural hinterland is woefully bereft of this basic infrastructure. Yashlok Welfare Foundation endeavours to bridge this gap in some small measure by providing e-learning software in such locations. Our main goal is to provide quality education through digital means and formulate a process where the child is learning the subject as well as getting exposed to technology.
Yashlok Welfare Foundation’s recent support for imparting education to the underprivileged through digital means seems to achieve outstanding results for the future of students as well as teachers of the Zilla Parishad School.
One of the student shared her experience  “The audio -video presentation has been a first time experience for me. The subject becomes so easy to follow when presented on a large screen. Studies have become very easy to understand on screen rather than reading textbooks. It has also helped me a lot in using a computer device”.
Another interesting aspect of this program is that the teachers are also getting benefited with this ready knowledge bank who said “We are witnessing improvement in academics. The audio-video presentation has introduced the concept of joyful learning for the first time in our school”.