Sustainable Livelihood Through Sustainable Employment

Yashlok Welfare Foundation’s ongoing initiative to empower people and transform lives completes yet another successful campaign.

In June 2021, Yashlok Welfare Foundation delivered raincoats to the Mumbai Police Department for welfare of the department.

These raincoats will protect the police personnel from heavy rains helping them to function better. The raincoats also serve as a beacon to promote messages for public interest. All the raincoats have prominently printed messages helping in creating public awareness and promoting education to follow traffic rules for road safety and to stop violence against Children and Women.

Since the month of January 2021, Yashlok Welfare Foundation, under the guidance of raincoat manufacturing company trained 60 underprivileged individuals who had lost their source of income due to the pandemic (40 Men and 20 Women) making them capable of manufacturing raincoats for the Mumbai Police personnel.

The manufacturing was planned in two shifts to expedite production of raincoats. First shift was a morning shift with 20 women and 10 men. Second shift was a night shift with 30 men. The entire manufacturing process was well planned after training and educating the employees to teach them a professional way of working as per the market standards. This enabled the employees to learn about a much broader aspect of the manufacturing process and not just making raincoats on a machine.

All this was achieved through generous donations and support and guidance from SBI General Insurance Company Limited, India Exim Bank, IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance Company Limited, Abhyudaya Co-op. Bank Ltd, Union Bank of India and L&T Financial Services in collaboration with CHIP Mumbai.

With the help of the new skill, the well trained and experienced people who were completely clueless on what to do just six months ago, can now confidently work in any manufacturing unit they want making them self-sustainable. This truly exemplifies our firm belief that sustainable employment is the most powerful form of empowerment and we will continue to work on training, upskilling, employing and empowering the underprivileged in future as well.

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