Blood Donation Camp – TATA Memorial Hospital

A simple deed can let someone see their family again.
After witnessing shortage of blood inventory in current pandemic time, Yashlok Welfare Foundation joined hands with Tata Memorial Hospital Workers Union in Parel-Mumbai and organized a blood donation camp at Tata Memorial Hospital for the cancer patients.
More than 400 people came in for donation and over 220 units of blood was donated by kind souls to help the needy.
Blood donation is one of the wonderful way to contribute towards the society and save many lives.
COVID pandemic has created several myths and disbelief regarding blood donation.
Yashlok Welfare Foundation did not only do their bit to organize the blood donation camp but was also successful in spreading awareness and sensitivity about the much needed blood for the cancer patients of Tata Memorial Hospital.
Donation of blood is very crucial as we continue braving the pandemic. Yashlok Welfare Foundation would request everyone to participate in such blood donation camps and donate blood.

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